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We are excited to announce that our pieces for Shark|Ninja and CBI Infinity have each won Silver at the Utah AAF Award Show.

Shark|Ninja - Thirsti

The drink system that lets you personalize fizz & flavor to let you create your perfect drink. Dream it. Drink it. Share it.

Shark|Ninja - Woodfire Outdoor Oven

A world of flavors, all in one oven. Unlock textures and flavors your indoor oven can only dream of. High-heat roast, BBQ smoke, craft artisan pizza and more with authentic smokey flavor, all at the touch of a button.

Infinity - Go the Distance

Athletic inspired scrubs and footwear, adapted to meet the needs of people working in demanding clinical environments. Infinity celebrates the spirit of those who go the extra mile. It's not just medical apparel; it's a nod to unwavering dedication, a reflection of that relentless drive that gets results and keeps raising the bar.

These pieces are a credit to the teams at these brands taking creative risks and pushing the work to be the very best possible. We're grateful they trusted this work with us and we look forward to collaborating again.