Film or Death

Jmills Entertainment

Telly Award Winning Spot // 06.16.20


Right-sizing boxes can change the way you do business in unexpected ways.

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F-150 Series Trucks

An authentically charged campaign highlighting the legacy of the Ford truck lineup.

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Voice of Courage

Redefining rugged flexibility for those who work in demanding conditions.

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YES! Gum

"Back to work Clifton!"

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Education for any one

Through authentic human moments we explore individual potential unleashed through educational empowerment. At the heart of this spot we paint a portrait of students who invite the challenge and opportunity of hands on learning. Passion is the destination, while education is the journey.

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The midnight oil burners.

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Mississippi has a beautiful community full of organic characters and proud locals. Authenticity led the way and allowed the individual charm of each character tell the story.

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The City of St. George

The City of St. George is a heavy operation. Like most public service entities, the full scope and weight of their responsibilities are rarely understood or considered. The film is set to inspire and cultivate connection throughout the community. Never thought we’d be so stoked working for
“the man.”

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