Creative + Drive

breeds exceptional results.

Our Mission

Armed with the bleeding edge of digital cinema technology and production tools, our aim is to capture unique stories and perspectives utilizing the finest digital cinema tools fused with authentic creativity and superb thoughtfulness.

What We Do

We specialize in super HD Cinematography, Editing and Production with an emphasis on art and style. Our philosophy is to take an idea and add a heavy dose of verve. Our deep passion to create, fused with internal artistic tendencies, drive us to regularly outdo ourselves and create lasting imagery.

World Wide Reach


Director + Founder

Jeremy Miller


Jeremy is the visionary behind the idea. He is a true Cinematographer at heart and his deep experience in the film world has landed him in the Directors chair. Understanding the scope and gravity of projects from pre-production through the finishing touches of post he picked up the handle Jmills while cutting his teeth in action sports cinematography many years ago. Since then his portfolio has expanded to include independent and commercial projects across the globe.  Relate-Ability and insightfulness keep him in tune with the emotion that runs deep within each project.

“I believe in film making, the way it make us feel, the way it makes us dream, and the way it shifts our mood.  It’s a medium that transcends cultures and languages and really speaks to the heart in a different way. Film can take us places and teach us things that we can only learn by respecting the craft.  With the devil in the details and a pocket full of mags I press on building a life and a dream one project at a time.”

Collaboration is Key

it takes a tight crew to pull off any production.

Our Roster

Meet our team of digital cinema specialists. We bring creative film concepts to life.

Emotional Connection

drives the feeling and mood of the picture.

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