The City of St. George

The Heart Still Beats
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The City of St. George is a heavy operation. Like most public service entities, the full scope and weight of their responsibilities are rarely understood or considered. The film is set to inspire and cultivate connection throughout the community. Never thought we’d be so stoked working for
“the man.”


We captured these everyday heroes in more of a documentary style format. We didn't fuss too much over production specifics but worked extra hard to make sure we were highlighting these employees in their natural habitat.


This project was very unique in tone, timing and style.  Our Director, Jeremy Miller AKA “Jmills”  was given a very long leash as he had garnered the trust of the city from the advertising agency Brand Iconic.  Jeremy wanted to push the traditional views of St. George aside, the redrock and golfing scenes that paint the infomercial scenes of Southern Utah hotel rooms and bring to the forefront the wizards behind the curtain.  The soldiers of hard work that go unrecognized, the people that matter, the people that make a difference.

We called in the big guns for this production.  Hollywood Special Ops and the Phantomflex 4K, Dualing RED Epic Dragon’s, PL Lenses and all the goodies.  What we did not have, was time.  This shoot went down over the course of 48 hours.  Early call times and late bed times made this dream a reality.  The city was generous with accommodating our sets, closing roads and making calls to get things done for us.  We found ourselves on the tarmac at the St. George Airport filming commercial airliners blasting off the runway right before our eyes.  We had 30 ft. flames and helicopter rescues taking place for our personal enjoyment.  Let’s just say the city pulled out all the stops for us.