What I Do

Jeremy is often the visionary behind the idea. He is a true Cinematographer at heart and his deep experience in the film world has landed him in the Directors chair. Jeremy understands the scope and gravity of projects from pre-production through the finishing touches of post. He picked up the handle Jmills while cutting his teeth in action sports cinematography many years ago. Since then his portfolio has expanded to include independent and commercial projects across the globe.

Random Facts

JEREMY  finds his inspiration in many places such as architecture, travel and other artists.  
JEREMY was once a B.M.X.er and travelled to Japan to compete in a global event.
HIS snowboarding friends were often surprised at the production level he would show up to film snowboarding with, such as Jib Arms, Dollies, Steadicams and most of all his ambitious personality.
JEREMY is terrified of snakes and will do anything to avoid them.  He often has reoccurring dreams they are chasing and biting him.
If you really want to impress Jeremy take him to Red Iguana 2, Mexican Restaurant.