DWP // Welcome to Rockville


Director: Jeremy Miller
Director of Photography: Mike Eldredge
Grip: Austin Balls
Account Executive: Tessa Arneson
Production: Jmills ENT.
Camera: RED Dragon
Model: Bailee MyKell
MUA: Cami Talbot
Location: Salt Lake City, Utah, Studio

Welcome to Rockville

Late this summer we met with our friends DWP out of Los Angeles regarding an upcoming band announcement spot for the "Welcome to Rockville" show they were putting together. As things began to take shape one word sealed the deal for us "SLAYER" when we read the word Slayer in the lineup It felt as if a black pony had cast a bolt of lightening from the sky directly into the studio, needless to say we were hooked. We jumped on the phone and ordered some custom body paint from our friends at Paint Rave and began scheming the plan.