The City of St. George


Director: Jeremy Miller
Director of Photography: Mike Eldredge
1st AC: Jace Leroy
Phantom Operator: Drew Lauer
Audio Tech: Keith R. Owen
Post Production: Jmills Ent.
Creative Director: Glenn Price
Copywriter: Ben Maher
Brand Consultant: Jocelyn Crowther
Project Coordinator: Marc Mortenson
Music: "Speak We're Listening" by Ryan Taubert

The Heart Still Beats

As the largest municipality South of Provo and North of Las Vegas, The City of St. George is a heavy operation. Like most public service entities, the full scope and weight of their responsibilities is rarely understood or considered. We were tasked with bringing to life the human side of planning, building, maintaining and protecting a city on the move. Never thought we’d be so stoked working for “the man.”