Director: Jeremy Miller
DP: Bennett Duchin
Phantom Operator/Technician: Nick Savander
AC: Andreas Petker
DIT: Peter Jodlowski
Set Designer: Grant Aslett
Grip: Keith Owen
AE/Producer: Seth Stoker
Production: JMILLS ENT.
Talent: Alexis Kener and Phillip Istoman
Creative Director: Adam Gunn
Art Director: John Jensen
Designer: Shawn LeBoutillier
Music: Robot Race by Senbei

Pluralsight // CREATE THE FUTURE

Our assignment was to create a film to kickoff Pluralsight's annual conference that included explosions of color, while also symbolically destroying old technology. The explosions of paint and chalk destroyed the old white world, and created a beautiful vibrant world of color. It also needed to pump up the audience and get them excited about Pluralsight Live as it started with a bang. To do this, we used the Phantom Flex, a special high-speed camera that captures beautiful super slow-motion shots. More than 200 pounds of chalk and 40 gallons of paint later (and after several articles of clothing and pairs of shoes covered in paint), we and the client are thrilled with the result.