Director: Jeremy Miller
DP: Bennett Duchin
AE/Producer: Seth Stoker
Grip: Kool Kieth
Production: Jmills ENT.

MediaBük // Branded Content

We move through the events of a burial service into an intimate evening with the recently widowed Grandmother. In the darkest hours following the death of her husband she is presented with a Mediabuk from her Daughter. The book is presented to her at the crux of the spot. She opens the booklet to find a 16mm film of her wedding day playing. We close on an emotional positive moment between Grandmother, Daughter and Grandfather.

Setting the stage for an emotional purchase is much deeper than clicking a buy now button on a website. Funerals are very emotional moments, everything is heightened on that day and those memories last a lifetime. Families gather, loved ones cry and celebrate the legacy of the deceased. Creating a grand scale payoff of a Grandfathers legacy through the presentation of the Mediabuk product. Memories, feelings, emotions all come full circle as a Grandmothers memory is fulfilled.