Director: Jeremy Miller
Director of Photography: Mike Eldredge
Production: Jmills Ent.
Location: London, Salt Lake City, Utah, Toronto, Canada

Jmills ENT. // Gimbal Reel

The complex yet simple tool of a camera gimbal has revolutionized the motion picture industry. Dollies, jibs, and even steadicam movements can now be achieved with one universal tool. Needless to say... all of these tools still have their place but the gimbal can suffice in a pinch. We partnered with DEFY and put the G12 to the test on our commercial shoots. We found the diversity of the tool paired with our RED Dragon was truly a unique combination. We also found the practical gimbal usages vs. long running gimbal shots jumping over stuff, worked best for us. (Not that we don’t love that stuff, because we do but often we find our productions working off very specific shot lists that don’t account for those types of moves.)

Advantages in bullet point format.
- Subtleties, details, long lens application.
- Natural organic camera movements. (Smooth, Stable and Authentic)
- Time Savings and nimble productions with streamlined crew members.
- Boutique production company- we don’t always get the man power to bring jibs and dollies.
- Time sensitive international shoots. (The same tool can accomplish many different moves.)
- Transportation of one case and a C-Stand vs. an oversized dolly or jib case.