ELEVATE 2 | OFFICIAL TEASER from Jmills ENT on Vimeo.


ELEVATE 2 Official Teaser


DP/Director/Editor- Jeremy Miller [Jmills]
Produced-Jmills ENT. jmillsent.com and Brand Iconic brandiconic.com
Additional Cinematography- Austin Balls, Zach Heaton, Jace LeRoy
Music- Night Owl by Broke For Free
Sponsors- Pit Bull Energy, Simmons Racing, Team Action Machine, Team Peterson Racing

ELEVATE 2 Official Teaser

Gaining momentum from it’s preceding namesake “Elevate 2 Still Climbing” rises above as an artistic showcase of elite motorcycle racing. Giving greater focus to the drive and passion fueling these extraordinary athletes beyond the limits of expectation. This film explores deeper into the obscure world of professional hill climbing, giving particular attention to the insight and perspective of individual riders. Stepping up his own commitment to innovation and style, director Jeremy Miller further demonstrates maturity in the “gnarly” genre of action sports cinematography, with his own flavor of nitro injected intensity.