Director - Jeremy Miller
D.P. - Ian Rigby
1st AC - Dustin Miller
2nd AC/Loader - Allan Chavarria
Key Grip - Austin Balls
Title Design - Souk Mounsena
Editing and Sound Design - Jeremy Miller / Jace Leroy
Narrorator - Katie Ainge
Copywriting - Jeremy Miller / Jace Leroy
Music - “Emptiness” by Evocativ
Public Relations - Tessa Arneson
Special Thanks - Regency Car Rentals / Los Angeles

AMBER // a love story

Amber / a short Americana road film set along highway 101 celebrating the coming of age moments we all encounter in new relationships. In those simple moments full of tender emotions, our cast is set free. Starring, Bailee Mykell Cowperthwaite and Mitra Najibeh Yosri.