2015 // Aerial Reel


Director: Jeremy Miller
Production: jmills ent.
Aerial Cinematography: Jeremy Miller & Mike Eldredge
UAV Pilot: Mike Eldredge
Gimbal Operator: Jeremy Miller
Production Tools: RED Epic Dragon, RED Scarlet Dragon, DJI S1000 with GH4
Music: Zero Gravity by Tony Anderson
Locations: Kauai Hawaii, Bandon Beach, Oregon, Salt Lake City, Utah, London, California, Louisiana, Toronto Canada, Florida

2015 Aerial Reel

Aerial Cinematography is something that has taken over the film industry. Our 2015 Aerial Reel highlights some of our finer moments aboard the skies in both manned helicopter and ground unit UAV drones. As both drone and gimbal technologies rapidly advance we are certainly along for the ride. As we think of the future of digital cinema aerial work is most definitely in our line up.